Write Your Love this Valentine’s Day!

The lovely commercial holiday of Valentine’s Day is only 1 day away (after the more spooky and superstitious occasion of Friday the 13th). February 14th may be full of cards, candy and roses, but true love should come from the heart. For centuries, people have expressed their love in writing, and most famously in poetry.

Test your writing in English skills by making your own version of the fun and famous Valentine’s Day poem:


First, let’s break down the poem into lines and pay attention to the rhyming pattern:

Line 1: Roses are red.
Line 2: Violets are blue.
Line 3: Sugar is sweet,
Line 4: And so are you.

Make this poem your own in just a few easy steps!

  1. Think of your favorite colors and come up with words that rhyme with them. For example:
      Green- queen, bean, seen, teen, lean…
      Pink- think, drink, wink…
      White- light, right, kite, sight, night… etc.
  2. Notice how lines 1 and 2 ends with a color. Choose 2 colors and plug them into the poem. Make sure that the rest of the lines make sense with the colors you choose. (Roses are not green, but trees are!)
  3. Now, notice how line 4 rhymes with the color at the end of line 2. Pick one of your rhyming words and plug it in at the end of line 4. Now, make a complete phrase that ends with this word for lines 3 and 4.

Let’s look at some examples:

The sun is yellow.
Trees are green.
You’re the most beautiful thing,
That I’ve ever seen.

Wood is brown.
The night is black.
You stole my heart,
Now bring it back.

What ones can you think of?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by showing your love with your English writing skills 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy writing!


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