Terms & Conditions

  • ESL Write Away does not guarantee any specific outcomes (grade achievement, admissions success etc.) as a result of tutoring.
  • ESL Write Away has the right to refuse any client due to time constraints, explicit writing content or inappropriate behavior and treatment.
  • Courses start at the time that payment is received via PayPal. ESL Write Away is not responsible for any difficulties generated by using PayPal.


  • The client of ESL Write Away services takes full responsibility that the assignment in question is open to outsider suggestions and editing.
  • ESL Write Away will not act as a writing service. All changes made to an assignment are at the discretion of the original author.
  • ESL Write Away does not condone plagiarism of another writers’ work.
  • While negotiation of price and time frame will take place before the service begins, ESL Write Away maintains the right to request additional payment for overtime work requested beyond the initial amount agreed upon. In this case, the amount will be discussed with the client prior to the additional service is to take place.


  • The course can start 7 days after the subscription to ESL Write Away.
  • The student will determine the frequency and intensity of their schedule.
  • Students can adjust the time of their course according to their preferences.
  • Each month ESL Write Away will check-in with students to determine any improvements or suggestions for the program.
  • Any issues will be quickly resolved by ESL Write Away.